Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Missing Jesus

I was listening to Mark 2 on the Daily Audio Bible the other day, and was moved thinking about the hoards of people that tried to find their way to Jesus when he came into their town.

I have to admit, it's usually a fact that I just gloss over. Of course lots of people came to see Jesus ... ok what happened next? What did Jesus do. Get to the good stuff ....

But imagine what it was like back in those days. First of all, people got their news by word of mouth. No real-time announcements on the radio or postings on the internet. Sometimes the news was reliable - sometimes it wasn't. Sometimes it was timely - sometimes it wasn't. So I'm sure people were never quite sure when Jesus was going to be in their presence.

Likewise, many of them probably weren't quite sure who this Jesus was. They may have heard that he cured the sick, or preached to the learned. But I'm sure there was some skepticism on their part. Is he a magician? Is he a hoax? Is he holy? Can he really cure my cripple friend?

Transportation was a whole other issue. How did they get their sick and cripple to Him when he was miles away? No cars or ambulances. And not everyone had a mule or donkey. Mark 2:3 tells us they carried one man on a mat.

So can you picture the effort that went into these people trying to find Jesus? First, they had to receive timely and accurate news that Jesus was coming. Then they had to muster up the faith to go find him. If they were carrying a cripple friend, they had to walk a good distance - perhaps even to the next town - while holding a hundred and fifty pound person by the corner of a mat.

And if they actually found Jesus, they had to fight their way through thousands of people to even get close to Him.

But what if they missed Jesus? What if they went through all that and Jesus disappeared across the sea in a boat like he did in Mark 4:35.

I felt a great deal of sorrow as I thought about those people that missed Him. All that effort for naught.

My sorrow deepened as I pondered how many times I've missed Jesus in my everyday life.

Jesus, give us the strength and faith to keep looking for you in every part of our lives. And when our time here on Earth is done, please help us to find You in Heaven.

God Bless.


the booklady said...

That was a beautiful reflection Michael and oh so true! Communication and travel in Our Lord's time were no easy matter, so those who made the effort really wanted to see and hear Him. So often when we are told a story we are so impatient to get to 'the good stuff', we miss that the Good Stuff IS what's happening right now.

Thank you for pointing this out and for the lovely prayer!

Yours in Christ!


Happy Catholic said...

Great observation, Michael. Seek, and ye shall find...imagine how happy they were when they found Him in Paradise!