Sunday, August 29, 2010


I've been playing this song a lot lately, and I think it's a perfect follow up to my post last week.  

Enjoy, and God Bless.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Outside Looking In

Then you will stand outside knocking and saying 
"Lord open the door for us"  (Luke 13:25)

Imagine that day.

You are standing up there at the pearly gates to Paradise.

You can see St. Peter and those legendary keys.  You can see your family members and friends standing on the other side, anxiously awaiting your arrival.  You can see the splendor and glory of Heaven.  

It is even more beautiful than your wildest dreams.

It is beyond perfect.

This is what you lived for.  This is what you hoped for.  And this is what you prayed for.

You are right there.  Ready to be happy for eternity.

But what if it all wasn't enough?

What if you aren't invited in?

What if you hear those horrific words from today's Gospel - "Depart from me all you evildoers"?

What regrets would go through your mind?

What would you wish you'd have done differently?

What would you change, starting today?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Assumption Pop Quiz

Ok quick ... how many times is Our Blessed Mother quoted in the New Testament?  

(I'll be honest, I had to look it up.) 

The answer appears to be four.  

1)  During the Annunciation 
2)  Her visit with Elizabeth
3)  The Finding in the Temple
4)  The Wedding Feast at Canaan

Perhaps none are as important as those last words we have from her:

       "Do whatever He tells you. "  (John 2:5)

What a beautiful command that is.  

If we follow it, hopefully our souls, too, can "magnify the Lord"

God Bless you on this feast day of the Assumption.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Three Favorite Prayers

I've been tagged by Anne at Imprisoned in My Bones to list my three favorite prayers. 

I'm sure most of you that read this blog also read Anne's - so I don't need to gush on and on about what an inspiring blog she hosts.  (But I certainly will upon request ...)

I have to admit, this MEME really got me thinking.  After long introspection, I learned that the prayers I gravitate to are either traditional or short/plainspeak.  I'm assuming the spirit of this MEME is to share new or less common prayers with each other, so I will focus my list on the latter.   (Otherwise, I would obviously have to start and end the list with the Our Father - the perfect prayer given to us by Jesus himself.)

Ok, here goes.  You all know the first one, but perhaps not the second two ...

1)  The Fatima Prayer  
Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to Heaven, especially those that most need Thy mercy.  Amen.

Why this prayer?  For starters, it was given  to us by Mary (if you believe in the Fatima miracle).  Second, in just a few words it requests (a) forgiveness, (b) a path to Paradise, and (c) mercy on those souls in need.   How's that for efficiency?

2)  Morning Prayer
Lord, thank you for this beautiful day.  Please help me to do everything in my power for your honor and glory.

Why this prayer?  It's one of the first "non-traditional" prayers I ever learned.  It was taught to me through a sermon by the late, great, Fr. Joseph Rosetti (who God blessed with 100 years on this earth).  I'll never forget how he emphasized the word beautiful - so that it was clear that every day should be considered as such because it is a gift from God.  

It also keeps me focused on what the day should really be about - God's will.  

3)  Mind and Heart
Jesus, please fill my mind with your Peace and my heart with Your Love.

Ironically, I just learned this one yesterday from a traveling priest at a Church I was visiting.  (There goes God, working in his mysterious way again ...)  I've actually prayed versions of this before, but I usually clutter them up by adding "and also ..." to them.  This one is clean and simple.  Could you imagine how wonderful this world would be if we all let Jesus fill our minds and hearts?

*As with all of my lists, this one is subject to change the minute I hit "publish post".

God Bless.