Sunday, August 15, 2010

Assumption Pop Quiz

Ok quick ... how many times is Our Blessed Mother quoted in the New Testament?  

(I'll be honest, I had to look it up.) 

The answer appears to be four.  

1)  During the Annunciation 
2)  Her visit with Elizabeth
3)  The Finding in the Temple
4)  The Wedding Feast at Canaan

Perhaps none are as important as those last words we have from her:

       "Do whatever He tells you. "  (John 2:5)

What a beautiful command that is.  

If we follow it, hopefully our souls, too, can "magnify the Lord"

God Bless you on this feast day of the Assumption.


Karinann said...

That command certainly was for all of us. May she obtain the graces for us to follow it.
Nice post, Michael. Thanks and God bless!

Shirley said...

Those words from Mary are the best ones to quote to the protestants who think we worship Mary and don't understand why we pray "to" her.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

You're right ... it's four times that she speaks and is quoted. She is reported as being at the Crucifixion, but no mention of her saying anything.

God bless you always.

Anne said...

I think it is so lovely that she was mainly a silent witness to the love of God. I hope to follow her example, speak few words, but point to God through the silence of my life. She's a tough act to follow!

paramedicgirl said...

Nice work, looking that up for us. A few years ago, I created several Catholic quizzes. One of them is a Marian quiz. They are posted on my side bar if you want to tackle them. Just scroll down until you see them on the right hand side.

Anonymous said...

Great post as usual Michael! Mary is such a great example to us all. God bless you too. I hope you are having a wonderful week.