Sunday, August 22, 2010

Outside Looking In

Then you will stand outside knocking and saying 
"Lord open the door for us"  (Luke 13:25)

Imagine that day.

You are standing up there at the pearly gates to Paradise.

You can see St. Peter and those legendary keys.  You can see your family members and friends standing on the other side, anxiously awaiting your arrival.  You can see the splendor and glory of Heaven.  

It is even more beautiful than your wildest dreams.

It is beyond perfect.

This is what you lived for.  This is what you hoped for.  And this is what you prayed for.

You are right there.  Ready to be happy for eternity.

But what if it all wasn't enough?

What if you aren't invited in?

What if you hear those horrific words from today's Gospel - "Depart from me all you evildoers"?

What regrets would go through your mind?

What would you wish you'd have done differently?

What would you change, starting today?


Karinann said...

While I have changed much, this side of that gate I always have plenty more to change.
Thanks for another thought and soul provoking post, Michael.
God bless!

Anne said...

This is where we all are, outside the gate scratching our heads, wondering how to get in. Maybe the answer isn't in the wondering, but in the doing and the being and the living in His grace. Maybe the answer is in seeing Him and loving Him everywhere. And the narrow entrance is blocked by all of the difficulty we have in doing that-we have to clear away all of the clutter that blocks our hearts from finding the Lord so that we can truly enter that passage.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

This is a terribly difficult question you ask Michael.

In reality, NONE of us will make the mark. NONE can or will have lived the PERFECT life as He has commanded in order to enter the Kingdom. So the question is - How forgiving will He be? To those who didn't quite achieve top marks in their "Christian lives" how much allowances will He make?

Daily Grace said...

Good post Michael!

Anonymous said...

Another provocative post Michael! Thank you. I guess all that any of us can do is try our best and hope God forgives us. God bless you! I hope you have a great week....

Michael said...

All - thank you for your comments. You have given me even more to think about!

Victor, you are right on about never being perfect. A priest posted a comment on my blog a long time ago and said when the time comes, and God asks why He should let us into Heaven, our only response should be "because Jesus died for us." Still haven't forgotten that.

God Bless all of you.

Loci Lenar said...

Our life on earth is designed to perfect our souls into the image of Jesus Christ. We may miss the mark; however, God does call us to use our talents to help others and to bring forth the Kingdom of God.

When our journey on earth is finally completed, and our souls are resurrected into eternal life, may Our Lord greet us and say, 'Well done, good and faithful servant!'