Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kenya Believe This?

This weekend we had a visiting priest (Father Tom) from Kenya at our parish.

Showing us that God works in mysterious ways, Fr. Tom told us the story of how he became a priest.

When he was a little boy in Kenya, his friend told him he had seen a "white man" in their little town. Having never seen a "white man" before, Tom went running to find him. When he did, he learned the man was an Italian priest and missionary. To make a long post short, the Italian missionary took Tom under his wing and Tom became a priest after time in the seminary.

All because he had to see what a "white man" looked like.

What made the story even more beautiful, was that a German woman had sponsored Fr Tom's time in the seminary. He didn't have to pay a cent (which he couldn't have anyway). He said he hopes to someday meet this blessed woman to thank her and show her what a difference her contribution made.

He also told us that he recruited many other boys in Kenya to be priests as well ... many doing so only because they had him to go through the process with.

In essence, the German woman's contribution affected many people's lives - not just Fr. Tom's.

His homily took over 20 min (he said in Kenya it takes over an hour!), but it was well worth it to hear about how God's Kingdom is progressing in other parts of the world.

And it was beautiful to see how a little charity can make such a difference.

God Bless.


Anonymous said...

It's true that someone touches one persons life that causes them to touch another and so it goes. I have heard many stories like this. It also facinates me that we keep meeting the same people over, and over, and how closely our lives with others interwoven. I believe with all of my heart it's all part of Gods plan for each of us.

the booklady said...

Wonderful story Michael! Thanks! I always say that an act of kindess is never wasted ... but the truth really is so much more powerful! Our generosity travels out from us in ripples and touches so many more people than we ever realize.

God bless you for sharing this and may it inspire others to give what they have without counting the cost.