Saturday, August 1, 2009

Five and Two

Last weekends Gospel reading (John 6:1-15) is about one of Jesus' most famous miracles - the Miracle of the Loaves and Fish.

If I could have seen one miracle - aside from The Resurrection of course - this would have been it. It is the miracle that has always left me most curious.

Don't get me wrong, all of Jesus' miracles were wondrous. But I would love to know the details on this one. How did the loaves multiply? Was it when immediately after He blessed them? Did he break a piece of bread off, only to have it regenerate then and there? Or was the basket covered and every time He reached in a new loaf was ready for Him?

Some of His other miracles are easier to imagine. The raising of the dead: the person "simply" wakes up and comes back to life. Giving sight to the blind: They can immediately see again. The changing of the water to wine: the water is covered in a jug so no one can "see" the transformation take place.

I guess the Loaves and Fish has always been a wonder to me because it doesn't seem to be an instantaneous thing. John doesn't tell us that the five loaves instantly turned to five hundred. He just says Jesus kept passing them out until everyone was fed. Its the gradualness that peaks my curiosity.

Anyway, please don't take this post as a lack of belief! It is quite the opposite. I have great faith that all of Jesus' miracles happened.

This one just happens to put my human curiosity into overdrive.

So what miracle would you choose to watch if given the chance?


Happy Catholic said...

Michael - interestingly enough I heard discussion on Relevant Radio of a very holy priest who was doing mission work in Mexico and a number of people who worked with him saw food multiply. I wish I could recall exactly how they explained it, I think it was along the lines of they only had so much cabbage, yet every time they reached in to the bins, more cabbage was there. You can check Drew Mariani's show archives and maybe there will be something there linking to the audio.

Of course that's not to say any modern miracles happen as Jesus' did, but it still was super cool to hear about it. And yes, I wish I could have seen the loaves and fishes as well.

Great post, you always make me think!!!


Happy Catholic said...

Me again, if I could witness any miracle at all...I wish I could have been there for the Nativity. To see Our Lady and St. Joseph's face when this wondrous miracle happened, when they held God in their arms for the first time, when the angels came down from heaven to give Him praise and So incredibly awesome. I bet is was the best day ever, until the Resurrection.

As long as I am on this, I really really also wonder how happy it was in Heaven on the Assumption. Our Lady met the Father!! Wow! She got to see Jesus again! I wonder if she hugged Him and hugged Him or if there is even hugging in heaven. And the Holy Family would have been reunited for all of eternity that day. It makes me SO happy to think about and I really wonder what it was like!! Okay thanks again for this post because now I am really extra HappytoBeCatholic.

Michael said...

HC -

Wow! Now you are making me think! I didnt even consider the Nativity ... but I should have! That might have been my first choice had I thought of it earlier.

The Assumption is another good one. What a beautiful, beautiful moment that must have been.

Thanks for the reflections, and God Bless you!

P.S. I bet there is hugging in Heaven ...

christopher said...

Saint Waltheof of Melrose also multipled food for thousands during a plague and famine.

I couldn't possibly put any miracle down as better than another but the Transfiguration must have been something to behold. A first-hand witness of exactly what beings (Elijah and Moses!) look like in complete grace. The Orthodox actually have the doctrine called "Tabor Light." Of course, the descent of the Holy Ghost must have been amazing too. And then there's ... lol on and on.

Michael said...

An unfair question, true. But you are right ... the Transfiguration must have been amazing. I have to admit that is another one I often wonder about ... what *exactly* did they look like?? Thanks for the comment and God Bless.

Happy Catholic said...

Michael - I stopped here to tell you that you and Jesus have a starring role in my post on the Transfiguration. Then I find Christopher thinking much along the same lines! Ah, the joys of being Catholic. What a wonderful Lord we have!


Michael said...

HC - I am honored. (If its ok with you, though, I'll let Jesus take the starring role and I'll just be the supporting cast. )

Thanks for all the comments and for sharing your post. You know I'm a huge fan of your blog.