Sunday, May 1, 2011

Is God Your Best Friend?

I had the pleasure of attending a talk by Fr. James Martin a while ago.   Fr. Martin is the author of My Life With the Saints among other books, and a very insightful, very funny speaker.   

One of the questions he asked us was whether we considered God to be our best friend.

The question caught many of us off guard.  I mean, God is .... God!  He's in charge.  He's the rule-maker.  He's the Guy we are trying not to upset.   And yes, He loves us and we love Him.  But many of us had never thought about "lowering" Him to the seemingly-too-human "friend" status.  

But for those that answered "Yes, He is my best friend", Fr. Martin posed the following questions:

1)  Do you listen as much as you talk?  How many best friends do you know of where one person talks and talks and never listens?

2)  Do you give as much as you ask?  How many best friends do you know of where one person is constantly asking for things?

3)  Do you laugh together?  Have you ever heard anyone say "Yes, Bob is my best friend ... but we've never laughed together the whole time I've known him"

I thought those were some very insightful points.  

And they left me wondering what was worse ...  that I hadn't  thought about God as my best friend ... or that I would be the worst best friend ever!

God Bless.


Unknown said...

As always Michel, you give us much to ponder and meditate upon. The first thing that went through my mind as I read these questions was not so much that we would lower God to friend status, but that He wants to raise us to what true friendship is with Him and in Him. I think we attain that friendship as we strive to answer yes to all parts of these questions.
Thanks and God bless.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

That's a novel way of seeing and accepting God ... as a friend.

I know a friend who always talks and talks ... when he phones I sit comfortably in my armchair, wrap myself in a blanket to keep warm and put my head on a pillow and every so often is say: Yes ... Hmmm ... interesting ... good. And just leave him do the talking.

Better stop now ... I can see you nodding to sleep Michael.

God bless.

Mary N. said...

Yes, I consider Jesus my best friend but I certainly need more work on the listening part. I try - but my thoughts often butt in :)

none said...

This is such a great post!
I just recently read "My Life with the Saints" and really enjoyed it.
I am feeling inspired to improve all three of those points by opening my heart and listening more.

Joey said...

I am a horrid best friend to God, and I'm glad you pointed that out! Oh my word!

Poor God! I have some work to do.

God bless you, Michael.


Daily Grace said...

You always give me so much to think about!! I can assure you that I do most of the talking in this friendship...Imagine, me thinking I have something worth telling God other than I love him! O....I have a long way to go!

Thanks Michael.

Anne said...

Fr. James Martin is wonderful! I heard his talk "Laughing with the Saints." It's hilarious! Great post Michael!