Sunday, September 11, 2011

Perspective: Forgiveness

Two weeks ago someone rear-ended my car.  Nothing bad, just a few scratches.  But the woman was texting or talking on the phone instead of paying attention, so I was steaming mad when it happened.  I held a grudge for a good week until I finally forgave her.

A month ago someone tried to derail my project at work by fudging data. I was angry at him for days before I finally forgave him.

Ten years ago today, a group of terrorists killed thousands of innocent people here in the United States.  Even though I was not physically affected, there is still anger in my heart, and I'm not quite sure I have completely forgiven them to this day.

But two thousand years ago, a loving, innocent, Holy man by the name of Jesus was hunted, beaten, mocked, embarrassed in front of his loved ones, nailed to pieces of wood and left to die.

And he forgave them while it was happening .... 

God Bless you, and prayers for those souls and families affected by the horrible events of 9/11. 


none said...

I have tears in my eyes reading this... so beautifully and powerfully done. If only we can love and forgive others with an ounce of the amount Jesus does...

Mary N. said...

Oh my, Michael. You have done it heart always takes a direct hit when you post. Beautiful!

My husband calls texting and driving - driving while intexticated :) It drives him bananas!

God bless!