Sunday, October 2, 2011

Life Went On

I remember Jim Bishop, in his book The Day Christ Died, wrote that as our Savior died for us on that cross, most people carried on with their everyday lives. 

It's an image that haunts me to this very day.

Ironically, though, I never applied the same thinking to the day He was born.  

Until I came across this 20ft x 10ft nativity scene at a church I visited last week... 

I don't know how well the whole scene will show up (it was pretty dark in the church), but that is the Holy Family in the center near the columns.  

What stopped me dead in my tracks though - and echoed images of Bishop's Good Friday - was the scene in the lower right...

That is a family eating pasta and enjoying themselves - a mere 50 steps from Jesus!

A realistic depiction of that day?  

I don't know.  

But it's probably safe to assume most people went on with their daily lives, oblivious to the Lord in their presence.

Kind of like 2011 ...

God Bless.


Unknown said...

That is a beautiful painting. The only difference between then and now is the 2000+ years of Salvation History we have. Unfortunately I think today it is more of a refusal of Christ's presence where as back then they just didn't know.
Thanks for sharing the beautiful artwork.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Eating pasta? Those Romans have no respect whatsoever have they?

Thanx Michael for a great thought-provoking post.

God bless.

none said...

That is an interesting & beautiful work of art!! Love what you pointed out... it's interesting to think about how our lives change when we center them on Jesus instead of pleasurable temporal things...
Blessings to you, Michael.

Anne said...

Lots to ponder here. How can we change that today-how can we be more mindful to His presence among us?

Mary N. said...

This painting is beautiful, Michael. And when Jesus returns? Will we (a general we) be doing the same?
A thought provoking post!

Michael said...

Thanks for your comments and thoughts - it does get you thinking doesn't it?

I should have mentioned that this isn't a painting - it is a giant nativity set behind glass!

God Bless.