Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wondering about Wandering

"At once the Spirit drove Him out into the desert, and He remained in the desert for forty days, tempted by Satan.  He was among the wild beasts, and the angels ministered to Him."

I wonder what it was like in that desert.   By Himself.

Which one of these hills was He in?  

I wonder how hot it got.  How dry it was.  

How did He decide where to walk?  Which hill to climb?  Where to sleep? Did he entertain Himself with stories?  Jokes?  Did He talk to His father the entire time?

I wonder if he saw this tree. 

Did He lean on it out of exhaustion?  Did He sit under it for shade?  Did He kneel under it to pray?

I wonder how many wild animals crossed His path?  

Were they peaceful in His presence?  Did they startle Him in the night?  Were they His companions in a sea of nothingness?

I wonder how He handled the temptations.

Did He shrug them off as child's play?  Did He work harder than He ever had to stay focused on the goal?   Did He stare off that mountain, and instead of wishing He ruled over the land, prayed for its forgiveness?

I wonder if He came out stronger.  Exhausted?  More focused?  Sadder?

I wonder if those forty days felt like forty years.

I wonder why He did that for us.

God Bless you.


Shirley said...

You always have a unique way of looking at things; good post. Jesus sets us such a good example, and never more so than in His 40 days in the wilderness.
By the way, since you have blogger's awful word verification, I probably won't leave many comments; I use comment moderation instead and don't get any spam.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

His human side felt all those emotions you mention and many more. His Divinity helped Him overcome the temptations and the human feelings when they became too much to bear.

Let that be a lesson to us.

When our human nature gets us down and we feel overwhelmed, let us turn to His Divinity for help.

God bless.

Julie Cragon said...

Love being reminded of His humanity. Thanks for the contemplation for the day.

Michael said...

Shirley - I didn't realize my blog required the word verification. I've removed that in the settings. Thanks!

Victor - Great point!

Julie/Colleen - thanks for the kind words!

Victor S E Moubarak said...


You've been nominated for an Award on my Blog.

God bless.

Daily Grace said...

I wonder too Michael!

Beautiful reflection. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It always brings you to new levels when you put yourself in the story. I love the questions that you asked..