Sunday, September 9, 2012

Now Hear This


And immediately the man's ears were opened.

Having heard this passage many times,  I am guilty of sometimes taking it for granted.

Instead of thinking about what  it must have actually been like, I lump it into all the miracles that I will never fully appreciate.

And when Mark continues writing about our Savior, I usually follow right along with him, leaving that former-deaf man in the annals of biblical history.

But a few days ago, on the show 20/20, they played a video of a woman fully hearing for the first time.   (you can see it here)  

She was pretty much in tears from the second they turned her hearing device on, and I realized all the emotion that goes along with the words "his ears were opened".  

Now I envision that man having the same mix of speechlessness and tears when Jesus healed him.  

The world as he experienced it - on many levels - would never be the same again.  His life changed forever.  

And thanks to a timely TV show, that for some reason I watched when I usually don't, so did my appreciation for one of our Lord's miracles.

God Bless.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

I suppose we've read the Bible so many times and have heard the many miracles so often that we no longer fully appreciate what they really meant to the people to whom the miracles happened. I know it's the case with me.

I sometimes have to stop and really think what it's like to have a miracle happen. Especially when I pray for one.

Thank you Michael for your constant talent at making us think seriously about such important matters.

God bless.

Michael said...

That's a great point Victor. Not only do we take miracles that have happened for granted, but we probably take those we ask for for granted as well.

Thank you for your very kind note. Your comments are always inspiring.

God Bless.