Sunday, November 11, 2012

But Mostly, I Pray

I see the destruction of Superstorm Sandy all around me, and I wonder how people will deal with the giant trees on their houses.  Or the debris blocking the roads.  Or not having power for two weeks.

But mostly, I pray.

I wonder how we could get a Nor'easter in November, and how people with no power kept warm in the middle of a snowstorm.

But mostly, I pray.

I wonder how people can give blankets and coats to those who lost everything, and then curse each other out while waiting on a mile-long gas line.  

But mostly, I pray.

I wonder if America made the right decision to re-elect President Obama, and how much more of God's will will be removed from this country.

But mostly, I pray.

I wonder if people used these past two weeks to reflect on all that God has given them, and realize that even if they lost their home, clothes, gadgets, cars and power, they will still have the most important thing in the world.  His love.

But mostly, I pray.

God Bless.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Prayers. Always prayers.

I pray for you and your family, Michael.

God bless.

Shirley said...

I wonder about all those things too.... and pray.

Kathryn said...

Michael, prayers for you and your family.

Daily Grace said...

I wonder about these things too Michael, I join you in prayer.

Anne said...

What a compassionate and gentle post! Thank you for praying!