Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ten Percent

Ten percent.

That is how many lepers returned to thank Jesus in today's Gospel.  

Just a single foreigner out of a group of ten cured people.

I admit, I scoff at the 90% every time I hear this passage.  I mean, the nerve of these folks.  Our Lord takes time out of His glorious day to perform a miracle for them, and only one has the decency to come back and thank Him?  

Yes, I scoff at them, even though I go day in and day out forgetting to thank my Savior for the miracles He has done for me.  

Today alone I have yet to thank Him for the gift of of my life, for the breath I just took.  

I did not thank Him for the fact that I went to Mass without fear for my life.  

Nor did I thank Him for the gift of our pastor, my family, or my friends.  

I did not thank Him for the abundant food I had to eat, the roof over my head, or the fact that I can write this very post.

I failed to thank Him for calling me to follow Him, my faith, and everything He has forgiven me for.

In fact, I'm starting to think that if I thanked Him for "only" 10% of the miracles He has given me ... it would be an improvement.

God Bless.


Unknown said...

Thank you is such a simple prayer, but one we so easily forget. I often find it interesting how Scripture uses the Samaritan as the one who does good. The Jews and Samaritans weren't exactly fond of each other, but the Samaritan often turns out to be the one who acts as God would have us act.
Thanks for the reminder to be among the 10%, Michael.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

True. We often forget to thank Him enough.

God bless.

Daily Grace said...

We do ask for more than we thank Him for don't we. Thank you Michael.

Michael said...

Karinann, Colleen, Victor, DG - thank so much for stopping by and commenting.

God Bless you.