Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lent Meme

Leave it to Victor @ Time for Reflections to give us all a kick in the pants to do something good for Lent.  He has created a Lent Meme, and here are the rules:


1   Copy paste this post on your Blog.

2   Contact as many other Bloggers as you like and leave them this comment: "You have been tagged for the LENT MEME on my Blog".

3   And now the difficult bit: Do someone a good deed. Anyone. Relative, friend or stranger. Any good deed. Saying a prayer for someone in need. Helping an old person with shopping, transport, gardening. Visiting a sick person. Giving some money to charity.

Just use your imagination and do any good deed.

If you are greedy you can do more than one good deed. To more than one person. You can do a good deed every day of Lent if you wish. The minimum is just one good deed.

4   That's it. I can't think of any other rules.

5   Thanx. God bless.  (Thank YOU, Victor!)

1 comment:

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Thank you so much Michael. God bless you always.