Sunday, May 24, 2015

Three Thousand vs Negative One Hundred Million

In my last post, I lamented about the projected decline in Christianity.  

But as I reflect on Pentecost this week, I am reminded that Peter and the other apostles baptized about three thousand men into the faith that day.  

That is quite a feat, even by today's standards!

It struck me that the reason those people converted was because Peter had the strength to preach the Word to them.  Yes, they were, I'm sure, also impressed by the Miracle of the Tongues. But if Peter had not followed up with the Gospel, they would have simply thought it some kind of magic or sorcery.

I can't help but think that highlights one reason between the growth of Christianity back then, and the projected decline now.  

Maybe we are not preaching enough.  Not spreading the Word.  Not living the Way so that others can follow.

Back then people were quite amazed that they could hear the sermons in their native language.

Perhaps a miracle today would be if more people said anything at all ...

God Bless you, and may the Holy Spirit strengthen you.

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Victor S E Moubarak said...

Good post Michael.

I feel that sadly Christianity is in retreat. I believe the reason is that the shepherds have let down the sheep very badly.

God bless you.