Sunday, August 30, 2015

That is a lot of sins

I have been reading this book called The Power of the Cross, and in it, the author gives some perspective about our sins.

He asks how much sin it would be if Jesus took on all of our sin from the past hour onto the cross with Him. That would, of course, be a bunch of sins.  (Hopefully not too many, though!)

What if he took on all of our sin for the past day?  That would be even more sin.

Now consider our sins for our entire lives.  And what about our town's sins?  Our major city's sins? Our state's sins?   Hard to imagine how many sins that is.

What if He took on our entire country's lifetime of sins onto that cross with Him?  That is certainly an immense burden.  Hard for us to even imagine.  

Now take every single person that is alive today ... and go back all the way to Adam.  Could Jesus possible carry all of those sins with Him to the cross?

It is unimaginable.  And yet He did.  For us.

Thank you, Jesus. 


Victor S E Moubarak said...

I've often wondered about this, Michael.

We sin ... often. And all the people who have ever lived also sin ... often.

WHY did Jesus have to die to forgive our sins? Why did God not forgive us without the need for Jesus to die?

One day ... I may understand.

God bless you for making us think, Michael.

Mary N. said...

Great post, Michael! Billions of people, so many's hard to imagine. Yet, He did it :)

Michael said...

Victor, I ask that same question all the time. It is probably the single toughest question for me. The only answer I have, is to simply admit that it is not for me to understand at this point. Maybe someday, but not now. Thank you for taking the time to comment here.

Mary, thank you for the kind words. We've missed you here.

God Bless both of you!