Sunday, April 24, 2016

Overturning Tables and Loving One Another

My church is celebrating First Holy Communions this month.  Since we have a relatively smaller church, each mass has about 10 children receive their first Eucharist.  This goes on for about 3 weeks or so.  

I must admit, these masses bring out the best in me, and, unfortunately, the worst in me. 

On the bright side, seeing these little children of God receiving Christ for the first time is such a beautiful, and promising, thing.

On the other hand, events like these fill the church with lots of visitors.  Visitors who park their cars in fire lanes or the middle of our exits so they can make a quick getaway as soon as Mass ends.  Visitors who talk so loudly before mass that the congregation cannot hear the greeter (who is using a microphone) welcome everyone.  Visitors who do not show any kind of respect for the Eucharist, other than getting close enough to it so they can take a photo.

This frustrates me.  

Part of me thanks God for bringing these people to Mass to begin with.  And I often pray that some of them return based on their experience.  

The other part wonders what Jesus would do in these situations.  

Would He "overturn the tables", as He did in Jerusalem, and tell them that His Father's House should be a House of Prayer?

Or would he softly remind me of what He said in today's Gospel, namely that we should love each other as He loves us?

What do you think?

God Bless you.

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Victor S E Moubarak said...

When Christ walked this earth, there were a lot of people coming from near and far just to see Him. Curiosity was the main motivator then; and not devotion. Sure, they did not park their cars in the wrong place; but no doubt they left their donkeys and camels where they shouldn't and talked as loud as the people visiting your church. Or my church, when there is a Baptism, or First Comminion. All these visitors in your church and mine are there because the families of those baptised or receiving First Communion invited them. These visitors annoy me too; as they do you. But sometimes I think ... if only ... if only one of them thinks seriously about Christ and returns to church once more ... if only.

Thank you for yet another brilliant thought-provoking post, Michael.

God bless.