Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Twist on Poor Man / Rich Man

I was listening to Bishop Robert Barron's podcast on this weekend's Gospel, and he certainly gave me a lot to think about.  

This Gospel is one we all know well - about Lazarus, a poor man, and an unnamed rich man.  

First things first, I have always considered all of us the "rich man" in this reading.  After all, if you can read this blog, and type a response, you are richer than most of the world.  

Bishop Barron comments that being "wealthy" (remember, it is a relative term, and not just material) is not a bad thing.  Perhaps, he states, God has given us this wealth so that it gets to the people that need it most.    

What an inspirational comment!  Rather than feeling guilty that we have three meals a day (plus dessert!), can read and write, can afford a roof over our heads and a computer to blog ... we can act as stewards of God's treasures and be his "distribution arm" on earth.  

However, just when I had absorbed that thought, Bishop Barron turned that idea on its head.  He reflected that, perhaps, the rich are not just here to help the poor ... what if God also put the poor here to help the rich get to heaven?  What if all those beggars in the street, letters asking for donations, and volunteer emails are opportunities for us to take a step towards our Eternal Home?  

Either way, the guidance is clear.  Love one another, share your gifts, and care for those in need.  

God Bless you!


Victor S E Moubarak said...


This parable is a matter which gives me great concern. Am I doing enough? Am I giving enough? How much should I give the poor in donations? And in doing so, am I depriving my family from what is rightfully theirs? For surely, every penny I give is a penny that belongs to my family. Is it not?

As for all those begging letters I keep getting through the post asking for donations. Far too many. I really should stop sending all these letters to myself!!!

God bless you Michael for yet another great post.

Michael said...

Victor, I ask myself the same questions. It is not easy - perhaps that is why Jesus had no possessions whatsoever?

Thanks for the comment, and the laugh about the letters.

God Bless you!